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Hualañé- Mathias Beng Lang

Name: Mathias Beng Lang
Hometown: South West, Cameroon
Volunter Service: VS1 Extending Volunteer (April-November, 2019)

A new experience:

Travelling, living and working in a foreign country has always been a dream of mine at a very young age. Doing all the above mentioned in Chile as a volunteer has been a great experience for me. Upon arrival in Chile, a country with a different language and culture from my home country, Cameroon, i thought i would have a hard time getting used to the country and its people but that was not the case. At the very beginning, i had a very warm welcome from the N.V.C. Team that played a great role during the orientation week in preparing me to have a good experience in Chile.

Sharing a photo with my 6th grade students after class.

My school community:

The next set of people i got to meet was my school community. I had the opportunity to share my experience as a native English speaker with three schools in the Maule Region and the Communa of Hualane( Escuela La Huerta de Mataquito, Amelia Vial de Concha and Orilla de Navarro). My school community was very welcoming with open minded students and teachers who were always very eager to learn more about the English language and culture. My students were always ready to learn and would always participate actively during lessons especially during games. I enjoyed their curiosity and inquisitiveness which they showed through their so so so many questions during extracurricular discussions and activities. My host teachers ( Maricel Rojas Vargas and Patricio Herrera Bravo) were very co-orperative and made always made sure i was super comfortable during my service.

Having fun on the final days of my service with my 7th graders.

My welcoming and caring host community

It would be impartial and unappreciative of me if i don’t recognize the great role my host community(Host Family,Friends and the Host Municipality) played in making sure i felt welcomed and less homesick in Chile. My host mum( Senora Maria Alvarez Lagos) was the best host mum i could ever hope for. She was caring, i mean extra CARING and always made sure i was well fed and ok healthwise. I got to make a couple of new friends, was invited to birthdays and Asaitos(Barbecue) and also traveled to a lot of beautiful places in Chile.

Cooking a typical Cameroon dish for my host family.

Exploring Chile:

At the end of my service, i discovered that the little service i rendered to Chile was met with great appreciation which gave me a feeling of satisfaction and the zeal to do more. In conclusion, i can say my choice of travelling and volunteering in Chile was a good decision and i am grateful i was offered this opportunity.

A weekend visit to the Siete Tazas National Park in the Maule region.