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Volunteer Services & Dates

The English Opens Doors Program and the National Volunteer Center are excited to announce that our 2020 volunteer application process is NOW OPEN!

You will find the 2020 application form and instructions in the APPLY NOW! section.

The 2020 Volunteer Service Dates:

*Please note: the dates for VS3 and VS4 services were modified slightly on January 20, 2020.

Start Date:End Date:Application
VS1 (1 semester) March 16th July 19thCLOSED!
(2 semesters)
March 30thNovember 29th CLOSED!
VS3 (1 semester) July 20th November 18th March 9th
VS4 (1 semester) August 3rd December 2ndMarch 23rd

Volunteer Service Information:
“Start Date” means the day that the mandatory volunteer orientation begins in Santiago. We recommend that volunteers arrive to Santiago either one or two days prior, and we will provide airport transfers, meals, and accommodations for those that do. Volunteers cannot arrive on the same day that orientation begins. Volunteers arriving more than two days before the orientation start date could risk complications in the visa registration process. Volunteers will be provided with transportation from Santiago to their placement region at the end of the week-long orientation in Santiago.

“End Date” means the final day that volunteers will receive support from the English Opens Doors Program. The final night of housing provided to volunteers will be the night before the End Date. Starting the night of the end date, volunteers will be responsible for their own accommodations and arrangements.