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English Opens Doors Program

Volunteer Role & Benefits


The English Opens Doors Program is a fee-free Program serving the students, teachers, and school communities of Chile’s public education system. EODP volunteers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students, motivating them to improve their English and participate in cross cultural exchange. We are seeking committed volunteer teachers who wish to make a significant impact on the English language level of their students for periods of one to two semesters at a time. The English Opens Doors Program is not seeking volunteers whose principal motivations are to travel or learn Spanish. A volunteer’s primary focus must be on teaching and supporting their students. Learn more about the volunteer role and benefits below!

What do volunteers with the EODP do, and what are our expectations?

What requirements do applicants need to meet?

What benefits do we offer and what costs are volunteers responsible for assuming?

Again, this is a fee-free volunteer program. This means that there is no application or participation fee, nor an initial deposit. We do provide volunteers with a modest stipend which is meant to assist with minor daily expenses like transportation to school or extra classroom materials or activities. Our volunteers will need to have access to sufficient funds to support any personal expenditure throughout the duration of the Program. The biggest cost our volunteers will incur is their international transportation to and from Chile.

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