National Volunteer Center

National Volunteer Center

English Opens Doors Program

Volunteer Placements

Volunteers are placed throughout Chile. During the application process, applicants can specify geographic and demographic preferences, as well as indicate important items like allergies or non-smoking preferences. We take these preferences into account and prioritize matching volunteers with compatible host families. However, applicants should be prepared to accept placements anywhere in Chile, as the English Opens Doors Program works with schools who need the resources, and placements in a preferred area may be limited.

With that said, we have found that volunteers who have a positive mindset will have a positive experience in any placement! One of the amazing things about the Program is that volunteers have the opportunity to live and work in communities where it would be almost impossible to simply move there and find a job. As a result, volunteers form deep bonds with the school and surrounding community, and discover what makes living in Chile so special. In this section, you can read about volunteer placements throughout the country.

Learn about volunteer experiences in the different parts of Chile!

El Norte Grande/ The Great North

El Norte Chico/ The Small North

El Valle Central/ The Central Valley

El Sur/ The South

Zona Austral/ Patagonia

Living Arrangements

Volunteers have the option to live with a host family in Chile or to live independently.

Click here to learn more about living with a host family.

My host family really made me feel at home. My host mum always made sure I was well fed and in good health. I was treated like her youngest son.
It is a beautiful experience which cannot be explained but can only be lived. -Volunteer Mathias, 2019