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The South



The Southern Zone comprises the Araucanía (IX), Los Rios (XIV) and the Los Lagos (X) Regions. The climate in the South varies depending on the time of year. It is generally cloudy, cold and rainy during the fall, winter and parts of spring. During the spring it warms up and can be quite hot during the summer months. The average temperatures in the South range from 70º F (24º C) to 40ºF, (7º C), yet are usually found somewhere in between. Central heating is often rare in this part of Chile and dressing in layers is highly recommended. A warm, water-proof jacket and sturdy shoes are a must have for anyone volunteering in the south.

The landscapes of the Southern Zone are known for their lush forests and brilliant green hues. Lakes, rivers, volcanoes, and mountains adorn the countryside. The famed hospitality of the Chilean families in these regions makes the South a place where visitors instantly feel welcomed.

Photos of regions submitted by current and former volunteers:


Los Ríos:

Los Lagos:

Puerto Montt