National Volunteer Center

National Volunteer Center

English Opens Doors Program

Recapping 2017 and the path forward in 2018!

The 2017 school year has seen unprecedented success for the National Volunteer Center and The English Opens Doors Program, as we have continued with our mission to strengthen opportunities available to public school communities!

During 2017, 173 municipal schools were benefited with the presence of English-speaking volunteers from more than 35 countries. These carefully selected and trained volunteers came to Chile with the mission of strengthening the learning of English in educational communities throughout Chile, benefiting approximately 37,000 students with the opportunity to learn English with a native (or near native speaker) through a dynamic, immersion-based methodology.

Volunteers worked with courses between 5th grade and 12th grade, in collaboration with Chilean English teachers, focusing their classes on the communicative aspects of the English language (speaking and listening). Volunteers also carried out extra-curricular activities, including didactic workshops on topics of their choice, planning with their teacher(s), personal planning, and training students participating in English debates, public speaking, and English Summer & Winter camps.

In 2018, the English Opens Doors Program will receive four volunteer groups of English-speaking volunteers with an estimated total of 230 volunteers. This is expected to provide coverage to more than 200 Chilean public schools and benefit around 50,000 students. In addition, during 2018 the English Opens Doors Program will be collaborating with more than 25 municipalities of Chile, in a co-financing project, whereby the costs associated with the implementation of this initiative will be divided between the English Opens Doors Program, and the participating local municipal administrations. This project allows the municipalities of Chile the opportunity to invest in the development of English learning in their communities, and in turn allows the financing of a greater number of volunteers in total.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about another year of meaningful volunteer work to strengthen the quality of English language learning in the Chilean public-school classrooms!