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General Health Information and Medical History

General Health Information and Medical History

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AllergiesAsthma or hay feverSinus troubleFainting spellsCeliac diseaseChronic respiratory problemsChronic digestive/gastrointestinal problemsDiabetesEating disorderHead injuryHeart or circulatory complicationsHigh or low blood pressureIndigestion (frequent) or ulcerHepatitisLiver or gall bladder problemsMental health conditionMononucleosisNarcotic/alcohol dependencyParasitesProblems of the immune systemSeizures/epilepsySexually transmitted infection/sexually transmitted diseaseSkin diseaseStrokeThyroid or other endocrine problemsTuberculosisTyphoid FeverTonsillitisNo medical conditionsOther:

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For example, food/animal/environmental allergies, proximity to a hospital, etc.

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Been hospitalized or had surgeryHad a significant medical condition not listed aboveHad a significant psychological or emotional condition not listed above

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In an instance where an English Opens Doors Program staff member needs to assist you in an emergency, is there any information or relevant family history that a staff member should relay to medical professionals or emergency personnel on your behalf? *

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