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National Volunteer Center

English Opens Doors Program

Talk to a Former Volunteer!


Looking for perspective from someone who has participated in this program? Look no further! Our Ambassador Initiative was created to link former volunteers to those interested in or accepted to the English Opens Doors Program. Our ambassadors are here to quell your fears, answer your questions, and to provide you with meaningful insight garnered through the completion of a volunteer service.

Who are EODP Ambassadors?

The English Opens Doors Program has 59 Ambassadors who are former volunteers of our Program, from previous years! Our Ambassadors offer a human voice in our recruitment efforts by assisting with promoting the EODP at career and volunteer fairs, organizational fairs and meetings, through social media and in any other form in which they can share information about our Program with interested people.  Ambassadors also connect with prospective candidates through email (or other electronic means) to share a bit about their experience, answer questions, and provide insight into volunteering with the English Opens Doors Program.

Meet some of our Ambassadors:

Click HERE to get to know some of our Ambassadors!

Interested in speaking to a former volunteer?

By clicking HERE, you can send the EODP staff team a request to connect with an EODP Ambassador!  In the request, please include your name and any other information you feel might be relevant as we will attempt to connect you with a former volunteer who can give you the information and perspective you are hoping for.