National Volunteer Center

National Volunteer Center

English Opens Doors Program

The NVC in 2016!

The 2016 school year has seen unprecedented success for the National Volunteer Center and The English Opens Doors Program as we have continued with our mission to strengthen the opportunities available to public school communities! We have reached our largest group of applicants thus far, receiving over 700 applications for interested candidates across the world. Out of those 700, 214 volunteers were carefully selected and trained for volunteer services varying in length from one-semester to two semesters long. This year has also been the Program’s most diverse in history as we have received volunteers from 34 different countries including India, Russia, The United States, the UK, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine, China, Austria, Zambia, Finland, Norway, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Ukraine, Ireland, Trinidad an Tobago and many more! After receiving a week of training and orientation in Santiago, our volunteers were placed across the country in cities and towns such as Cabo de Hornos, La Serena, and Castro (to name a few).  While our second semester volunteers have recently begun teaching and are currently doing amazing work to enhance students’ listening and speaking skills through a dynamic and engaging classroom setting, our first semester volunteers have been doing so since April!

Our impact this year:

  • 214 volunteers arrived in 2016
    • 89 arriving during the first semester (March-July)
    • 125 during the second semester (August-November)
  • 205 Chilean public schools benefited!
  • Approximately 50,000 Chilean public school students benefited!

We can’t thank all of our 2016 volunteers enough for dedicating their valuable time to the Chilean public education system and for helping us to reach thousands of Chilean students, but we’ll try anyways. Thank you!!